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After Sales Support

Providing our customers with proactive and reactive post implementation support, ensuring the highest levels of safety while minimizing interruptions.

Rack Safety Inspection Program

Attention to safety begins with the integrity of the design and system set-up, while its sustainability is guaranteed through regular inspections and repairs. Warehouse inspection & maintenance is a critical step to ensure the consistent functionality of your operation and safety of your assets and employees. Inspections follow a hierarchical approach:

  • Immediate reporting
  • Visual inspections
  • Expert inspections

SPAN is responsible for performing Expert Inspections following the SEMA guidelines for damage classification, using Red, Amber and Green risk categories.

Four basic reason for storage system inspection
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Checking the health and safety conditions of your equipment; as a regular audit

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Minimizing the risk of collapse and unforeseen accidents

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Providing a safer working environment

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Ensuring alignment with health & safety norms

During the course of the Rack Safety Inspection Program (RSIP) our SEMA Approved Rack Inspector (SARI) visits the premises at agreed intervals, to thoroughly examine the functionality and safety of the premises, structural design and operating system.

A detailed written report is submitted, including the observations and proposals for any necessary actions. SPAN also encourages the Person Responsible for Rack Safety (PRRS) to complete Immediate Reporting and Visual Inspections.

Why Span?
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Our expertise in rack installations has deepened our knowledge and allowed us to develop a thorough RSIP

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Our inspections are carried out by SEMA approved inspectors

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Our program provides the analysis of minimizing risks within your overall operation

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Our program helps improve your safety and operation, providing added value for your employees and customers