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New England Patriots of the National Football League in Massachusetts Foxborough team. Patriots in 1960 as a founding member of the American Football League was founded, and later in the United States Football League and the National Football League merged to become members of the Grand Alliance. In the 2007 season the Patriots Season 16 games victory, becoming the first team since the 1972 season the team tournament victory, but the Patriots in the Super Bowl they unexpectedly lost to wild card team the New York Giants, missed the whole season are creating wins record.

Currently the Patriots are Robert Kraft has a value of up to $ 1.4 billion.

As early as 1932, Boston had a professional football team. But four years after the team moved to Washington, he became now the Washington Redskins. November 16, 1959, in the small William Sullivan (William H. "Billy" Sullivan, Jr.), led by a group of local businessmen again for fans to win the opportunity to set up a professional football team. It was positive for the market and the NFL American Football League AFL (American Football League) will support the eighth and final team to qualify formation Boston. The team formerly known as the Boston Patriots, because Boston is to the origin of the American Revolution history.

1970 Patriots select Foxborough Stadium as the team's new home. March 1971, the team was renamed the New England Patriots to win the support of the majority of fans surrounding Boston New England area.

1985 and 1996 season, the Patriots into the Super Bowl twice, but all with the champion missed. February 3, 2002, in the team's 42-year history, the first time the Patriots back to the Super Bowl champion New England. Following this, the Patriots won the 38th championship respectively and in 2005 obtained the 39th title in 2004, becoming the second team in history to win three titles in four years the team.

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